Rise of the Rebel | Zayn Malik Graces the Cover of Elle UK

After Elle Mag UK formally thanked Zayn on Twitter for being on the cover, all I could think about was how handsome he looked! But that's not the only thing that caught my eye — the title of his feature, "RISE OF THE REBEL" is what fascinated me.


Photo Credit | Mirror.co.uk  

Photo Credit | Mirror.co.uk  

More and more individuals are being recognized for their contributions to society as an artist. And more and more are being labeled as rebels. And every time I see a new artist labeled as a rebel for their noticeable and highly appreciated difference makes me proud. As an advocate and firm believer of being you and "walking to the beat of your own drum" anyone doing the unordinary gets praise from me.

On Zayn's Style


From Zayn's most rebellious movement of all, separation from the popular boy band, One Direction, to his more mature & stylish fashion; he has drastically became a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks to celebrity stylist, Jason Rembert, he has helped Zayn with his new look, taking him from the usual boy band look (not bashing his old style at all) to the new and hot solo artist he is, aka #ZoloZayn. Jason spoke with Billboard recently on what it's like to be Zayn's stylist and here's what I found out:

* Zayn is not the flamboyant type, his style is more subtler

* He picks nice silhouettes, fitted apparel, and dark colors for him

* He's into bombers and lots of leather (super edgy)

* Zayn's a fan of vintage anything

* He loves rocking a lot of jewelry (vintage Cartier, vintage Rolex)

* "He doesn't want to be too high fashion, but wants to be masculine and clean." -Rembert

* His go-to designers are Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Versace (Versace Versus to be specific)

* His color palette: charcoal, slate gray (he hardly wears plain blue jeans)

* He's into boots, hardcore edgy style. Nike Airmax 90s, Pumas, and Adidas


Jason also mentions that Zayn's style has definitely changed publicly, but he's always had style. He states, "The first time I worked with him he wasn’t as willing to take risks, and now he’s really stepping out of his comfort zone a bit. " — read the full article here

 I'm currently a big fan of Zayn so I can't wait to see what the future has in store for him, hopefully including a world tour for his first debut solo album, Mind of Mine, which you can stream on Spotify here

  And if there was a slight chance Zayn took the time out of his busy life to read this, then "THANK YOU Zayn. Thank you for being a rebel. You decided to stand for something more, remaining true to yourself and not letting anyone box you in. You became a public representative and inspiration for all the rebels out there who don't get shown appreciation for their creativity or uniqueness. Stay rebellious!"

Here's the video for his single "BeFoUr", which I definitely feel is the anthem for his rebellion.