Kendall Jenner | The IT Girl: Highlighting Kendall's Hottest Looks

People like to discredit the handwork of this supermodel, mainly because her fame came after her superstar sister, Kim Kardashian West, but Kendall landing the September 2016 Vogue cover is a silent reminder that she's more than the shadow of the Kardashians. Looking up to the legend, Cindy Crawford, Kendall's modeling is not just a hobby for her,  it's her career, her LIFE, and she hopes it lasts just as long as Cindy's, or even longer. 

Not only is Kendall known for walking the runway for many high fashion designers like, Chanel, Gucci, and Fendi to name a few, she's also known for her off-duty model, street style that everyone tries to emulate in the best way possible. 

I can't even deny, I LOVE her style. She knows how to mix and match the high and lows, like sweaters and denim shirts (my fave pairing) and slip dresses with t-shirts (also my favorite pairing).

Below are my favorite looks from her...

kendall jenner

Look 1: The Highs and Lows

kendall jenner

This style is not hard to accomplish however if you are going to rock this like Kendall, you need to forget all the rules of fashion or all clothing rules in general. A lot of people don't get the "jacket with shorts" style but just like Kendall wears the look above, she balances it out with wearing thigh high heels or a long coat or jacket to help cover the legs. 

But who cares if you choose to walk out the house with a jacket and short shorts, DO YOU boo, DO YOU!

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Look 2: Pajama Inspired Outfits in the Streets

kendall Jenner

Kendall knows how to make this style work, keeping it street (or airport) appropriate by mixing either a lace bralette or silk slip dress with other simple pieces like a plain tee or denim jeans.

Here's more style inspiration below

Look 3: Gym Chic

kendall jenner

Not your usually gym attire, Kendall adds a feminine edge to your typical black tights. If you style these sporty pieces properly then you can get a pass on not hitting the gym later.

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P.S. Keep a look out for Kendall's first September issue covering Vogue of 2016!

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