Stylish Rebel of the Week | Louise Chantál from NY

(Late Post) 

This London-bred based in New York, is known as a singer and songwriter but is so much more than just that. She holds many talents which you may pick up from her colorful photography of her modeling fashion brands and her unique, mermaid or unicorn vibe she projects. 


She's also passionate about Fashion, Marketing, Branding, & Entrepreneurship. 

black one piece

In her recent interview with Regal Chiz, when asked about where she draws "inspiration for such vibrance and edge?" she said:

My image consultant, David Mansion taught me how to achieve a "polished look", while also encouraging me to be daring, re-inventive and true to who I am as a creative. It really did take time for me to gain the confidence to not only dream, but also pursue and execute my vision.

check out the full interview here.

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