Stylish Rebel of the Week | Chance Payne from Tulsa

Aspiring Fashion Stylist, student at Oklahoma State University, and lover of the arts; is in the bio of his Instagram account. Chance Payne, a young and stylish gentlemen, serving hella face in his selfies and setting himself apart with his unique style and vision, giving you a taste of his creative mind through his feed. You immediately fall in love with the coherent theme and colorfully mute vibes of his photos.

Keep reading to find out more about his style...

flower art

How would you explain your style? What makes it unique?

I would explain my style as very urban and street style. For me, my adding DIY touches to my clothes and stepping outside of the box when it comes to certain outfits makes my style unique, especially, how I can go back and forth from masculine to even feminine sometimes. 

Instagram | StyledAwake

What does being a rebel mean to you?

To me being a rebel means to simply disregard all the norms and standards in today's society and express yourself to the fullest, even if it is looked down upon. Also a rebel to me is being a leader and never a follower.

What is your 'go-to' outfit?

My 'go-to' outfit is probably throwing on my most comfortable garments which would be my favorite Adidas shorts, a simple plain, colored, short sleeve sweater, or hoodie, and I can't forget about slipping on my high top Converse and baseball hat.

Do have any style inspiration?

My style inspiration many times comes from some of my fashion idols, which would be Kanye and Rihanna, I really admire how they can look so simple yet at the same time the outfit will be everything!

What's your closet like? What do you have more of?

My closet is consumed with plenty of shoes, hats, sunglasses, and I can't forget about flannels. They're definitely my favorite type of shirt and I can't wait to grow my flannel collection this fall/winter. 

Where do you usually shop?

I usually shop at my favorite stores which would be ASOS, H&M, Forever 21, and occasionally the thrift store.

When did you decide you wanted to work with fashion? Have you always had style?

Towards the end of my freshman year I started figuring out my current major, then which was psychology, just wasn't for me. But ever since I was little I loved clothes, and at the time (freshman year), I also really started to develop my own sense of style which prompted me to pursue  a career in fashion. 

Do you have any advice for someone trying to find their personal style?

My advice to anyone trying to figure out their personal style is to wear what you love and where it for you! It's also wise to not always follow trends, wear something no one else is wearing and simply slay in it!

Explain your brand Styled Awake...

My brand StyledAwake is my upcoming styling brand, as an aspiring stylist I want to make a name for myself or course. StyledAwake to me is my idealism of having a style that shows who you are, to channel your spirit and personality through your clothes, to be AWAKE with your style, meaning your not sleeping on yourself/your wardrobe potential; you know who you are and it shows through you clothes.

Where can we follow your journey?

You can follow my journey right now through my fashion page on Instagram @styledawake, full of fashion posts of outfits and styles I love and my own outfits from time to time and hopefully soon, I'll be selling my own clothes. So definitely keep a look out on there to see what I'll have coming. 

Best of luck to you Chance and thank you for taking the time out to give us a little insight into your life. Stay rebellious!

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