STREET STYLE | Milan Fashion Week: Rebel Approved Style

I've did some hunting and rounded up my favorite street style looks from Milan's SS17 Fashion Week scouted by the most notable fashion websites like Vogue and HighSnobiety.

Check out my 'Rebel Approved' street style looks:



Photography Credits | Phil Oh (VOGUE), Eva Al Desnudo (HIGHSNOBIETY)

#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from Edward Zo from Los Angeles

Here's your weekly dose of style inspiration from Actor and Menswear & Lifestyle Influencer Edward! 


You guys can definitely take notes from this dude, from his style to his Instagram feed, which is aesthetically pleasing! 


Follow this handsome guy on Instagram @EdwardZo and check out his Youtube here.

#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from Akeem Williams

Our Style crush this Monday is the fashion designer, blogger and style influencer, Akeem from Toronto.

Photo and logo credits to the owner Akeem. 

Photo and logo credits to the owner Akeem

mens street style

Keep up with Akeem on Instagram here, and stay up to date on his latest collections on his website,

#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from Jerry Lorenzo

Fear of God founder, Jerry Lorenzo, also known for his ability to effortlessly create clothing that never goes out of style. You can catch him with a Double RL & Co. scarf tied around his head while traveling the world, the style nomad. Dressing celebrities left and right in his clothing and designing tour gear for big stars like Justin Bieber; Lorenzo is unforgettable. 

jerry lorenzo

Style for him comes too easy...

I also like to call him 'The King of Layers'

Pieces from his brand, Fear of God 

Celebrities in Fear of God

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#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from Dior Worthy

The young, fly, and stylish musical artist, Danitrius Worthy aka D.Worthy, devotes his time to sharing his passion for music to the world - literally, from Cleveland, Ohio to Europe, he doesn't plan on stopping just there. 

art fashion

He also designs pieces for The Incorporated Clothing. 

paris fashion week

Follow D.Worthy on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his journey. for more info about him and his latest music. 

#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from HausofPJC

(Late post)  

It goes to show that there's more to just having great style and a camera to post pics on Instagram. There's so much work that goes behind taking a nice, high quality photo, with great lighting and angles. Then, there has to be a cohesive theme and or filter chosen for your whole feed to really drawn in followers.


Found his instagram while browsing through #streetstyle. With his name being m.i.a. on his profile (I would assume it's Pj, but I don't base everything off of assumptions) not just his style caught my attention, but the story I felt through his images posted.

His posing screams high fashion

Rocking some Rihanna ANTI Tour gear

And I'll end it with the most rebellious pic of all...

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Thrasher Wave | What You Should Know About This Hot Brand

So I'm sure you've seen some item of apparel emblazoned with these very words, 'Thrasher Magazine' across it. And if you're curious to why this wave of Thrasher, this and that, styled by streetwear gods & goddesses is a trend to hop on (if that means anything to you), I'm here to fill you in on what Thrasher is (because I'll admit, I was clueless for a second), why you need Thrasher in your closet, and where to cop the popular items. Because if we happen to be anything alike, I HATE wearing a brand I know nothing about, it's kind idiotic. 

Original Photo by | @Johnnydup Model | @Choloeaddy Stylist | @nyreearts

Original Photo by | @Johnnydup

Model | @Choloeaddy

Stylist | @nyreearts

So What is Thrasher?!

So if you're into skateboarding, then you most likely already know about this brand, but if you're not, then Thrasher is a skateboarding magazine (hints, Thrasher Magazine) started by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, Fausto Vitello in 1981. They cover numerous topics from music related news to interviews and skatepark reviews. 

Why You Need Thrasher in Your Closet

I haven't seen so much of this brand worn until the beginning of this year and now it's the street wearers fave go-to graphic tee. 

So why should you buy a Thrasher tee (even if you're not into skateboarding...)

  1. Who doesn't like a nice graphic tee for the summer? 
  2. It's simple and classic (can be worn anytime, with anything. If you don't believe me, check out the slideshow at the end.)
  3. Your fave celebrity probably has already worn it, so if their approval means anything to you, then, you should cop it
  4. Its an affordable tee, prices for the t-shirts are only $21.95
  5. If it's streetwear approved, then it must be good to wear

Where to Cop the Popular Thrasher

1. Thrasher Magazine

Spotted in the Streets

#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from John Melchico

Creative director, John Melchico from Manchester, UK.

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Working with basics, denim, and shades of nude, it's hard not to be attracted to his style. His clothing automatically pops, contrasting from the gray backgrounds he strategically chooses on his Instagram posts. 

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

Instagram | blvckmvnivc

"I don't halfway shit, I want the whole thing." -Melchico

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Streetwear Forecast | Nyree Morrison's Hand Painted Leather Jackets for Fall

I stumbled across Nyree's work while unconsciously skipping through people's videos on Snapchat. A model was rocking this dope, hand-painted, flamed leather jacket with what looked like flags, eagles, and other appliqués upon the sleeves. 

I decided to check out his Instagram and there it was, a plethora of hand-painted leather jackets, each with their own unique visual story behind them. 

Here's a couple of my favorites:

"Love Kills"

Instagram | Nyreearts 

Instagram | Nyreearts 

"In Squad We Trust"

Instagram | Nyreearts

Instagram | Nyreearts

I mean checkout the details in this piece, the guy is amazing with the paint brush...

I think these leather jackets are a perfect statement piece for the cooler weather. Definitely a streetwear must-have!

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Street Style | Color Trends for 2016

Rose Quartz & Serenity.

These soft pastels add a sense of calmness, wellness, and tranquility. Read the full article here.

Check out some ways to wear these colors below... (Keep in mind, you don't have to specifically have the colors above, all shades of red (since 2016 is the year of the fire monkey & is also the color of the year), i.e. Pink, rose, purple, lilac, to burgundy work well!) 

Women in Rose

Micah Gianneli  

Micah Gianneli  

Solage Knowles  

Solage Knowles  

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid


Men in Rose

Travis Scott

Travis Scott


Peep his 'REBEL' sweatshirt. 

Women in Serenity  


Men in Serenity  

Photo by | Kuba Dabrowski

Photo by | Kuba Dabrowski

Not really in serenity but those jeans are nice!


So many shades of blue can be worn...  

Photo by | Kuba Dabrowski

Photo by | Kuba Dabrowski

These colors have been around a long time and it's nothing new...but for this year, if you don't have these colors then definitely go out and get something, ANYTHING! 

Ask the Streets | Campus Edition

Having some trouble adding color to your spring wardrobe, well here's some inspiration for your closet. Start with a nice graphic print shirt similar to this one...

I had a chance to interview ChaiQuan from Oklahoma State University, to get a male's input on style and what being unique means to him.

What does being a rebel mean to you?

"Being a rebel means to just go with the flow kind of lifestyle. You follow your own code and not having to worry about others thoughts."

What makes your style unique?

"What makes my style unique is how I try to differentiate from everyone else, to stand out. I like to wear those types of clothes that others can't, putting together combinations that others wouldn't want to put together. So I guess you could say the way I'm able to step out the box with 'fits and be outlandish with them is how my style is unique."

What are you wearing?

"The outfit I'm wearing is a Daishiki I had gotten from this authentic African store in Atlanta. I was flabbergasted at the designs and all the different colors when I had seen it. The jeans are just some regular skinny jeans I had gotten from Hot Topic and I actually cut the pants up myself. The dope shoes are just some KD 8's I had picked up. I'm lowkey big on accessories so I go all out, but I got some Rusted Cuffs and just some other random jewelry that I picked up in Aldos. 

What's your 'go to' outfit?

"Oooh, that's a tough one. If anything my go to outfit for like on some weekend occasion is probably just some blue jeans cut up and some colorful shirt that I can throw a jacket on with if I need to. But other than that I really don't have a go-to outfit, I have too many clothes to have one I just know what goes with what in my closet."

Do you have any style inspiration?

"I think some style inspiration is from artist and such like Wiz and Swae Lee, their style is pretty groovy, but the biggest inspiration I've been looking into is this guy named Quentin Thrash, he's a what you call a style influencer, and a barber, but the brotha can dress though for sure; whether it's dressing up or dressing out. That's one aspect I'm trying to get more of in my closet which is more dress up clothes. I just love to throw on a suit and tie and still look good."

Do you have any advice for someone trying to find their personal style?

"If you're trying to find your personal style, first thing I can say is you gotta have an open mind on your selection of clothes whether your just picking something out or putting an outfit together. Another things is having that mentality that says basically if you think is goes then it shouldn't matter what others think. Lastly, even ask people who you know that has good style for tips too."

Photography by Jasmine Nguyen

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