Thrasher Wave | What You Should Know About This Hot Brand

So I'm sure you've seen some item of apparel emblazoned with these very words, 'Thrasher Magazine' across it. And if you're curious to why this wave of Thrasher, this and that, styled by streetwear gods & goddesses is a trend to hop on (if that means anything to you), I'm here to fill you in on what Thrasher is (because I'll admit, I was clueless for a second), why you need Thrasher in your closet, and where to cop the popular items. Because if we happen to be anything alike, I HATE wearing a brand I know nothing about, it's kind idiotic. 

Original Photo by | @Johnnydup Model | @Choloeaddy Stylist | @nyreearts

Original Photo by | @Johnnydup

Model | @Choloeaddy

Stylist | @nyreearts

So What is Thrasher?!

So if you're into skateboarding, then you most likely already know about this brand, but if you're not, then Thrasher is a skateboarding magazine (hints, Thrasher Magazine) started by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, Fausto Vitello in 1981. They cover numerous topics from music related news to interviews and skatepark reviews. 

Why You Need Thrasher in Your Closet

I haven't seen so much of this brand worn until the beginning of this year and now it's the street wearers fave go-to graphic tee. 

So why should you buy a Thrasher tee (even if you're not into skateboarding...)

  1. Who doesn't like a nice graphic tee for the summer? 
  2. It's simple and classic (can be worn anytime, with anything. If you don't believe me, check out the slideshow at the end.)
  3. Your fave celebrity probably has already worn it, so if their approval means anything to you, then, you should cop it
  4. Its an affordable tee, prices for the t-shirts are only $21.95
  5. If it's streetwear approved, then it must be good to wear

Where to Cop the Popular Thrasher

1. Thrasher Magazine

Spotted in the Streets