#ManStyleCrushMonday | Style Inspiration from HausofPJC

(Late post)  

It goes to show that there's more to just having great style and a camera to post pics on Instagram. There's so much work that goes behind taking a nice, high quality photo, with great lighting and angles. Then, there has to be a cohesive theme and or filter chosen for your whole feed to really drawn in followers.


Found his instagram while browsing through #streetstyle. With his name being m.i.a. on his profile (I would assume it's Pj, but I don't base everything off of assumptions) not just his style caught my attention, but the story I felt through his images posted.

His posing screams high fashion

Rocking some Rihanna ANTI Tour gear

And I'll end it with the most rebellious pic of all...

Follow him on Instagram here.